Bike Program

Program Overview

Many people who are homeless rely on bicycles as their primary mode of transportation.  They use their bikes to get to work, to service providers and everywhere else.

Winter (First Friday) Summer (Every Friday) afternoon at the Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center for Hope, a team of 14 volunteer bike mechanics provides a free repair-and-maintenance clinic.  The service is available to registered guests of the Murphy Center. 

Our mission is to ensure that the individuals we serve have bikes that are safe, reliable and well-maintained; and, as a result of that, that they can get where they need to be. The bike program is an important part of a broader continuum of services — at Homeward Alliance and the Murphy Center — that helps people survive, move forward and (ultimately) escape homelessness. 

Benefits of the Program

  • Safety: Our first aim is to ensure that all bikes brought to us are completely safe for their owners to ride.
  • Transportation: For many of the people we serve, bicycles are the primary mode of transportation. They rely on
    bicycles to get to work, appointments and wherever they need to go.  We help to ensure that bicycles are ready when needed.
  • Preserving Resources: Our service is always free, no matter how complicated. This means that Murphy Center guests can use their money on food, housing or other needs (instead of bicycle repair). 
  • Making Connections: Most guests help work on their own bicycles and we get to know them during the session. This connection is one of the most satisfying aspects of the program. 


In addition to bicycle repairs, we also produce and distribute bicycle trailers. A sturdy cargo trailer is an extremely convenient way to move personal belongings by bike.  These trailers increase safety, utility and security.   Murphy Center guests perform volunteer hours to earn a trailer. 

Get Involved!

Want to get involved in the bike program? Here’s how you can help: 

  • Volunteer as a mechanic. We can use help at all experience levels.   This could be a great way to help others while learning bike mechanic skills.
  • Volunteer to rebuild trailers. We will teach you how to re-purpose worn out child trailers into super sturdy cargo trailers.  We will provide the materials.
  • Volunteer to help with community outreach, grant writing, social media and communication.
  • Donate your old bike. We will fix it up and distribute it or use it for parts depending on condition..
  • Donate your old child trailer. We can always use these trailers for our project. 
  • Donate funds to support the program.


  • Day and Time: Winter (First Friday) Summer (Every Friday) , 3 PM to 5 PM
  • Location: Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center for Hope, 242 Conifer Street, Fort Collins, Colorado

615 Bike Repairs in 2017!!!


Mark Brewer (315) 414-9098

Daniel McFee
(814) 823-2663

Darcy Speer
(970) 988-6340