Invest Today, Change Tomorrow.  Join Us This December as We Raise Funds for the Future!

We are excited to announce that this December, our goal is to raise $50K to launch an Endowment Fund! Every dollar raised by the Murphy Center and Homeless Gear (Homeless Gear oversees the Murphy Center) this month will be directed to long-term, reliable support in the form of a Murphy Center Endowment Fund. You can make your December donation by clicking here to donate online, mailing a check, or participating in Colorado Gives Day on December 5th (more payment information can be found below). Thank you for your support!!

So far in 2017, you have helped us…

  • host 17 independent non-profits that collectively offer nearly 40 services, ranging from crisis intervention to homeless prevention
  • support more than 50 Murphy Center guests to secure affordable housing
  • facilitate more than 30,000 guest visits
  • launch the Housing First Initiative, a housing-focused case management program and data collection tool for the community at-large
  • provide mail service for 850 Murphy Center guests, 6,000 showers, 1,300 loads of laundry and 40,000 meals-worth of food

There are three ways to make your donation this December:

CLICK HERE and click the yellow “Donate” button. You can set up a recurring donation here, too! For recurring donations, we will direct the first donation to the Endowment Fund; ongoing payments will be directed to general operating costs, providing multi-level support to individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

MAIL A CHECK to “Homeless Gear” at 1305 Duff Drive, Unit 5, Fort Collins, CO 80524 (remember, Homeless Gear will be designating December donations to the Murphy Center Endowment Fund!)

PARTICIPATE in Colorado Gives Day on December 5th, the statewide movement to “give where you live!” You can schedule your donation before or on the 5th by visiting this page.

If 1,000 people donate $50 this month, we will hit our goal. Any amount touches a life — If you’re able to give less, please consider giving less; if you’re able to give more, please consider giving more. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and support!!

 Why An Endowment Fund?

The Murphy Center has played a key role in our community since it was founded in 2009. While it has experienced changes since (management, number and focus of services, etc.), its vision has remained the same: provide a single space through which people who face homelessness can efficiently and effectively connect with service providers. Today, the Murphy Center serves four key, community purposes: one-stop-shop resource center, core service provider, host of morning/day services and home to the newly-launched Housing First Initiative.

We cannot always predict the future, but we know that–year-over-year–resources are essential in carrying out our mission. An endowment ensures stability: it is a permanent fund that provides income each year to support a charitable cause. The word “endowment” simply means that your gift will be invested for the benefit of the organization — in this case, for the benefit of the Murphy Center. The earnings from these investments will be contributed to the Murphy Center every year and then used to fulfill the Murphy Center’s mission.

An endowment facilitates the strategic use of funds because it allows an organization to plan on its income from one year to the next (the fund will be professionally managed and will distribute a percentage of its funds to support ongoing needs of the Murphy Center). The endowment also presents an opportunity for donors who want to make legacy or planned gifts. (Thanks to the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado for this endowment information.)

With a solid foundation beneath us, we are excited to look to the future and establish a Murphy Center Endowment Fund. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

  • Ken John, Murphy Center Development Director, or (970) 581-4921